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Inspired user experience (UX) design for connected devices

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We pair intuitive interface design with engineering best practices to create medical, industrial and consumer devices both beautiful and buildable

Boston UX

Simplifying Complexity

Creating a great user experience takes careful planning, a solid framework and a proven process. By simplifying even the most complex interactions and taming complicated data, we craft intuitive experiences your users will appreciate.

Of course, a great experience is built on tech that perfectly matches your goals. We’re technology agnostic so you can choose the best platform or toolkit to build your product. Can’t decide? We’ll offer expert guidance based on scores of successful projects.

Product Vision & Direction

Product Vision
+ Direction

We help you define the specific product features that will appeal to your customers.

UX Design

User Experience

We apply Design Thinking best practices to create powerful designs sure to resonate with your customers and meet your time-to-market requirements.

Visual & Motion Design

Visual + Motion

We delight your customers and move your brand forward with compelling visual imagery and clever animations.

Usability Research & Testing

Usability Research
+ Testing

We validate designs with real-world users to gain the insight needed to develop products of superior quality.

About Boston UX

We're specialists in intuitive interface design for touch- and voice-powered smart devices. Our creative team shapes the user experience for critical connected and embedded products, from defibrillators to self-driving autos.

Boston UX is part of the Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) family. Founded in 1987, ICS is a product-driven software company that provides development, project management and related consulting services.

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