Delivering an Exceptional Connected-Car Experience

Modern vehicles — supercomputers on wheels — can include upwards of 100 sensors to control everything from pre-collision warning systems to intelligent infotainment systems. It’s this next-gen technology that enables automakers to showcase their innovation, differentiate their brand and drive interest from consumers willing to pay a premium for an exceptional cockpit experience. At Boston UX, we deliver forward-thinking connected-car experience design for every sector of the transportation market, including Tier 1 automotive, autonomous and electric vehicles, rail and transit, in-flight entertainment, and modern agricultural and industrial equipment.

We’re Obsessed with Understanding Drivers’ Needs

As technology evolves and electric and autonomous vehicles become commonplace, the future of the auto industry lies in creating immersive experiences that deftly intertwine app, vehicle and driver. For this rising industry disruptor, we designed an ultramodern in-vehicle infotainment system. A key challenge involved accommodating multiple form factors: two screens of different sizes and ratios. We had to determine what information belongs on each screen and how to best present it to excite users yet minimize driver distraction. To create an integrated, cohesive experience, we devised a solution founded on streamlined workflows that fed a simplified UX. And we relied on visual hierarchy and color to prompt user action and convey status and alerts. The result is a striking command center that both thrills drivers and conforms to industry safety regulations.

Car Music Player UI

Driving Innovation — A Tier 1 automaker tapped Boston UX to create a compelling concept for an embedded navigation and entertainment UI that respected the needs of the driver. Specifically, the automaker wanted a UI that felt both natural and cutting-edge, and incorporated the best elements of popular entertainment apps like Pandora and Spotify. Relying on user testing, consumer-trends research, industry best practices, and the ingenuity of our design team, we created a harmonious and lively interface that looks to the future while giving a subtle nod to the radio dial of the past. The automaker loved it as our solution delivered on their business goals of brand differentiation and technological innovation.

Car Dashboard UI


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Patricia Morris, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communications
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