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Looking for industry insight to help you grow your success? You’ve come to the right place. Here you can access our blog, in which our knowledgeable team explores trends in UX design, advances in embedded and connected software development, achievements in emerging tech, and UX-related issues that impact your products and your business. You’ll also find a variety of other relevant content from our technology experts, including articles, white papers, ebooks, case studies, videos, webinars and other resources aimed at helping you evolve your brand.



WEBINAR: Using Figma for Device Design & Rapid Prototyping as Part of the Design Lifecycle 

On-Demand: This webinar explores the benefits of using Figma (and its sister tool FigJam) for device design and rapid prototyping during every stage of the product design lifecycle.

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EBOOK: Designing Better Medical Devices 

Get tips on usability, safety and compliance, and learn why you should join the growing number of medtech companies embracing user experience (UX) design.

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EBOOK: Innovation in Medical Device Development 

Get actionable advice and explore best practices to follow as you work toward medical device certification.

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EBOOK: The Value of UX Design 

Are you investing in UX design? Learn how prioritizing UX design allows you to create better, more profitable products.

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CASE STUDY: Industrial Controls UI 

Here’s how we designed a modern UI for a groundbreaking welding system.


Dark mode UI elements

Does Your Device Need Dark Mode?

Dark mode can reduce eye strain and extend battery life – but is it right for your product?

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Align with Users Through a Minimum Viable Product Process

Use MVP to avoid investing too much in a venture until you know it has potential to succeed

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Medical Device

My Beautiful Medical Device

Aesthetics matters in medical device design in terms of safer, more usable products

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EVENT: Industry 4.0: Building Embedded Products for Today's Industrial Markets Award 

Revisit Boston UX, Toradex and AMETEK Crank’s insightful panel discussion exploring the challenges embedded developers should consider when creating devices targeted at Industry 4.0.

UX Design Award

NEWS: Nominated for Global UX Design Award 

Boston UX Recognized for Work on Project RED

Minimizing use errors

ARTICLE: Designing to Minimize Use Errors 

Incorrect Medical Device Use Causes Provide Safety Considerations for UI Design

Human-robot performance

ARTICLE: Great Interface Design Key to Human-Robot Performance 

UX Designers Can influence How We Benefit from Robots

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