Smart Systems Drive Growth and Fuel Innovation

The IoT has spurred a sea change in the manufacturing sector. From enabling more robust automation, data collection and analytics to supporting optimized workflows and streamlined industrial processes, smart technology offers new and unlimited potential for industry innovation. We organize and curate this interconnected web of possibilities into smart UIs using context to present information in a hierarchical and logical way.

At Boston UX, we embrace new challenges and technologies to create transformative experiences. Whether you’re looking for intelligent facility management and robotics systems or unified human-machine interfaces spanning both embedded and mobile devices — or something completely new — we can help.

Improving Efficiency Through Thoughtful Design

On an accelerated schedule and tight budget, Boston UX completely overhauled the user interface (UI) for an industrial induction heater — and in the process delivered more than 50% in efficiency gains. To get there, our design overcame several significant challenges posed by the existing interface, among them a convoluted information architecture, confusing nomenclature, inefficient workflows and limited visual appeal.

UX Whiteboard

Streamlined Workflows — The existing interface required users to take far too many steps, forcing them to wade through multiple layers of confusing screens to find the correct spot to execute their chosen action. To fix the problem, we simplified complexity by reconfiguring the workflow to minimize the number of steps so users could complete tasks more quickly. For instance, we reduced the steps required to clear a fault by 60% without losing data integrity.

Industrial UI

Thoughtful Application of Visual Design — The existing screen was uncomfortable to use due to harsh color contrast. Each panel was also indistinguishable in terms of function, which caused users to feel lost when trying to navigate the interface. To rectify that, we designed a clean, consistent look and feel that encompassed a color palette, icons and font styles compliant with best practices for visual usability and accessibility standards.

Industrial UI Complete

Environment-Specific Themes — The interface on the original device was difficult to read in high-light outdoor environments. We solved this problem in the new UI by designing two themes that the user could choose from: one for low-light environments, the other for bright-light situations including outdoor use. Read the full customer story here.


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