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Boston UX is committed to changing lives for the better by helping medtech innovators create transformative products that advance patient care. We have deep experience applying Design Thinking best practices to understand the problem within the larger context of your product roadmap and regulatory landscape. This allows us to create highly usable embedded, desktop and companion mobile applications for regulated industries. From intelligent infusion pumps to sophisticated retrosynthesis software that accelerates drug discovery, our portfolio encompasses successful products making a real difference in health and wellness.

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Boston UX teamed with Project RED, a non-profit initiative to develop an affordable emergency ventilator effective at treating the respiratory conditions associated with Covid-19.

Medical UI Graphs

Our design is squarely focused on patient safety. We documented and streamlined the workflows, created fail safes for hazardous or destructive actions, and designed simple, color-coded iconography for alerts and alert severity. As a further safety measure, we also incorporated a physical power-down button that can be used to shut down the machine as long as no ventilation is in progress.

Medical UI Sliders

User testing is essential, as is creating allowance in the process to meaningfully accommodate user feedback. In this case, it led us to swap out proposed horizontal sliders to control inputs for vertical sliders. Though horizontal sliders enable users to easily navigate left or right, and have been shown to reduce selection error, our users reported more familiarity, comfort with and preference for more traditional vertical sliders.

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Boston UX was nominated for a prestigious global UX design award for Project RED. The competition for "excellent experiences" recognizes companies worldwide that make a positive impact with human-centric solutions.

UX Design Award

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"Project RED worked with Boston UX on a difficult project in a regulated industry — developing a high-performing but affordable ventilator to help in the fight against COVID-19. Boston UX was exceptionally responsive and insightful, and as a result our project was a great success."

Mohan Gurunathan, Co-Founder
Project RED