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With their award-winning TruCare® Population Health and Care Management Platform, Casenet is transforming how healthcare is managed in order to deliver better patient outcomes at lower costs.

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Casenet's configurable, scalable TruCare platform unites disparate data sources to create a 360-degree member view, which allows for improved delivery of care at appropriate costs. The platform is used by health plan care managers to coordinate care. Data captured in the TruCare platform includes demographic information, care plans, authorizations, and referrals.

The Challenge

TruCare contains several robust data modules, including case management, disease management, utilization management, appeals and grievances, reporting and analytics. Casenet looked to Boston UX to create an intuitive interface to ease the burden on users who must manage monumental amounts of information.

To do so, Boston UX's design team would need to study electronic medical records, health plan processes, and patient information-gathering practices to understand how to best organize and present this complex information, and then apply this knowledge when creating an innovative solution.

"The web, smartphones and tablets have dominated UX design but now companies from medical to manufacturing are recognizing the importance of providing a compelling user experience to foster greater customer engagement," explained ICS CEO Peter Winston.

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Boston UX observed Casenet customers actually using the current TruCare system, and conducted a number of related focus groups. Boston UX also hosted weekly participatory design meetings with Casenet and their end users in order to get feedback regarding in-process designs and workflows.

In all, Boston UX completed four detailed usability studies for this project, analyzed their findings and prepared several written reports. One outlined major pain points, suggested areas for improvement, and provided high-level design recommendations. Another provided user background data and detailed user satisfaction with the current system, comparing findings across user roles.

To create the next generation of TruCare, Boston UX built an entirely new information architecture.

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"The designers impressed us beyond expectations with their ability to create a solution that is both intuitive and scalable."

— Margie Caughey, Vice President, Product Management, Casenet

The team designed new navigation, and created highly detailed wireframe simulations for 80% of the screens slated for the final program, focusing on those for Casenet's most complex workflows. Boston UX also designed templates that could be used for multiple sections of the large application.

"Because our clients must manage vast amounts of information that is diverse and ever-changing, it is imperative that we provide them with tools to do so in a manner that is intuitive and designed to address their specific needs and nuances," said Margie Caughey, Vice President, Product Management at Casenet. "To achieve this, we needed Boston UX designers to become deeply immersed in both our and our clients' worlds."


The work Boston UX has done is evident in Casenet's latest major TruCare release. From the start, Boston UX's goal has been to put Casenet in the best position to manage care with confidence so expectations for the new TruCare release are high. Boston UX conducted extensive usability research up front and incorporated the highly specific user feedback into the wireframe designs, so both Boston UX and Casenet anticipate the enhanced platform will be met with enthusiasm and widely embraced.

About Casenet

Casenet provides a suite of enterprise care management software and services solutions for commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, TPA, provider/ACO and specialty provider organizations. These total population health management solutions enable our customers to improve care coordination and the quality and delivery of care through enhanced case, disease, utilization and home and community-based services management.

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